Are personalized learning practices moving the needle in your classroom?

The Continuous Improvement Coach helps you evaluate the use of personalized learning practices in your classroom so that you can make better, more informed revisions to your practice and improve student outcomes.


Measuring the impact of personalized learning is a key part of improving your practice.

The Continuous Improvement Coach is a powerful tool that helps you analyze your own data to evaluate if your chosen priority practices are leading to the desired outcomes. Preview the Coach tools below, or create your account today to get the evidence you need to make informed decisions about ed tech in your school.



Take a look at what RCE Coach users are doing. These case studies explore evaluation challenges that educators or district staff faced and the solutions they discovered while using the Coach.

Welcome to the RCE for Ed Tech

Welcome aboard! This set of tools will provide an overview of the Continuous Improvement Coach and help you get started.


The “Things to Consider” infographics will guide you through important considerations as you design your evaluation and interpret the results.

Training Resources

If you’re considering hosting a training on the RCE Coach for your colleagues, this set of tools offers a pre-prepared presentation, workshop materials, and data and scenarios for practice evaluations.

Technical Appendices

The technical appendices will provide you more detailed information on the methods and statistics that the Coach uses.